Worldwide Smartphone Shipments by Vendor and Operating System

Date : Oct 2011

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Category : ICT Media
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This report and the associated excel database track yearly and quarterly global smartphone shipments and provides forecasts for up to a five
year period. Numerical results in the report are presented in a comprehensible graphical style with granularity
levels varying from a global level to a specific operating systems, vendors and countries. Figures from the report can be used to track investment opportunities and market behavior besides sizing and segmenting the global
smartphone market.The Signals and Systems Telecom team follows a thorough process when examining the market under consideration. The primary steps of the process are information gathering, organization and analysis.
The primary sources of the information gathering process are interviews with executives, business professionals, and engineers within the telecommunications industry sector. Secondary data sources are also utilized which include corporate financial performance reports, industry periodicals and trade group reports.
The information is then organized into a database incorporating industry trends, regional policies and demographics. Assigned analysts and query specialists then apply statistical models to forecast industry
trends. The information is then generated in a graphical format to allow quick identification of market developments.
0. Introduction and Methodology

1. Section 1: Historical Data and Short Term Forecasts Q1’2011 – Q4’2012
1.1 Smartphone Shipments by Operating System
1.2 Present Smartphone Market Share by Operating System
1.3 2011 Smartphone Market Share by Operating System
1.4 2012 Smartphone Market Share by Operating System
1.5 Smartphone Shipments by Vendor
1.6 2011 Smartphone Market Share by Vendor
1.7 2012 Smartphone Market Share by Vendor

2. Section 2: Long Term Forecasts by Operating System
2.1 Global Yearly Smartphone Shipments
2.2 Global Smartphone Shipments Market Share by Operating System
2.3 Global Smartphone Shipments Market Share by Region
2.4 Regional Smartphone Shipments
2.4.1 Africa
2.4.2 Asia Pacific
2.4.3 Eastern Europe
2.4.4 Latin and Central America
2.4.5 Middle East
2.4.6 North America
2.4.7 Western Europe
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